Fall Harvest Fest

The Fall Harvest Festival takes place on the two Saturdays following Thanksgiving day. The dates for 2021 are Nov 26th & 27th, Dec 4th. This is a time to load up the family and spend a day “down on the farm”. While you are visiting us, you will see the donkey working an old-time cane press. Here you can learn about the process of extracting the juice from the sugar cane in preparation to make syrup. Just steps away is the outdoor syrup mill where the juice is boiling over a roaring fire with a sweet aroma that fills the air. Once you have learned about the syrup cooking and have become hungry from the sweet smell, take a trip to the kitchen. We serve homemade biscuits, syrup, sausage and milk gravy. We also offer a barbecue sandwich. After feeling like you have been to grandma’s house you can return to the outdoors and listen to some bluegrass and gospel music or take your children to the petting zoo.

If arts and crafts interest you, we have that too! A special part of our craft area is the “Spinner and Weavers”. They come each year with their spinning wheels and loom-woven products to sell. From year to year, we are blessed with different artists, such as watercolor artists, basket weavers, and very talented woodworkers. We feel that there is something for everyone! After you have seen everything and would like to sit for a while, take a ride on the hay wagon. We have hayrides leaving every 1/2-hour and the charge is $2.00 per person. The Royal Ambassadors and Girls In Actions from Palestine Baptist Church use all proceeds from the hayride for various mission projects. This will give our young boys and girls a “hands-on” approach to mission work. Each year at the close of the season our young people and their leaders come together to pray and discuss how the mission money will be best used according to need locally and globally.

Hours for the festival are from 8 am ‘til 5 pm, but we recommend that if you want to experience all the activities you need to come between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm. Our kitchen closes at 4 pm, the crafters start picking up around 4 pm and the syrup is cooked late afternoon and MUST come off the furnace. So come to eat breakfast with us and make a day at “Grant Farms”.