What type of trees do you carry?
Leyland Cypress
Virgina Pine
Naylor’s Blue
Castwellan Gold
Blue Ice
Green Giant

What is the price range of your trees?
Each tree is priced individually. They average $12 per foot, i.e. a 6-foot tree will be around $72-$78.

Can we chop down our own tree?
Unfortunately, we only allow STAFF to cut down trees. You’re more than welcome to watch your tree be cut down though. 

Do you take cards? Which ones?

We accept all major credit cards. MC, Visa, Discover, AmericanExpress

Is there an ATM?


Do you take checks?


What kind of food is served?

B-B-Que sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Grilled meats, Potato Fries, Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Ice Cream, Lemonade, Candies and Soft Drinks. We also serve breakfast on festival Saturdays. (Oct 29th, Nov 26th, & Dec 3rd).

Is breakfast served all day for the festival?


Can we bring our dog?

As long as the dog is on a leash at ALL TIMES, is not aggressive in any way, is okay with other animals, and does not bite. We ask that you also clean up behind your dog!

Can we bring our golf cart?

Prior arrangements must be made with us. 

How much is the admission?

No admission, there are activities that do have a fee associated with it. See activity page. 

How much to take pictures?

Professional photographers must contact us! Photo sessions will not be allowed unless the photographer has checked in, paid and received their pass. 

Can I tag my tree early? Deposit?

Our farm opens on Oct 22nd at 9am. We will begin tagging trees that day. We ask for 50% down, remainder paid they day of pick up.  

How long will my tree last? and should I add stuff to the water?

The Leyland cypress will last 3 months if watered properly.  NEVER allow the stand to go dry, The trunk will produce a sap that seals the ability to take on the water. The Virgina Pine, Blue Ice and Frasier Fir will last 4 to 6 weeks.