School Tour

During the fall we open our farm to school groups. Our tours are guided and schools must have a reservation. We work hard to educate our young people about the past and present farm life, agriculture, and horticulture. Included is information on Christmas Trees, honey bees, pumpkins, sugar cane, cane syrup, farm animals, and more.  We understand that our education system has put a lot of demands on the teachers of today. We are prepared to help make learning fun for you and your students. We will be reinforcing the science and social studies academic standards required by Dept. of Education. The educational time spent with you and the students is approximately 1-½ hours. Once the instruction time is complete the children can picnic and then visit the much-loved play area! We will tour all ages, from 4 to 94!  The tour dates for 2022 are weekdays from October 14th thru December 16th.

Call 318-634-3408 or 1-800-987-NOEL (6635) for more info.