Tree Info

Leyland Cypress, Ovensii, Castlewellan Gold, Naylor’s Blue, Blue Ice, and Virginia Pine are several varieties grown on the farm. All of these, excluding the Virginia Pines, are hypo-allergenic! This means that even people who suffer from allergies have been known to function normally with these in their home.

It takes a minimum of 5 years for our trees to reach approximately 6′ to 8′.  They spend two years in our nursery and an additional three years in the ground. Over their lifetime they receive numerous trimmings, weeding, and feedings.

On the week of Thanksgiving, we receive Fraser Fir trees from North Carolina. These are often viewed as the more traditional Christmas tree, but unfortunately do not grow in warmer climates. We buy from a small family farm so the trees are premium quality. They also provide us with fresh wreaths and garland for you to adorn your home.

We offer living Christmas trees! These trees are in a 15-gallon nursery pot. With this feature, you will be able to enjoy your tree like normal and once the season is over it can be planted in your yard. These trees are naturally a little smaller, ranging from 4 to 8 foot, but provide fun year round. We sell small nursery sized trees. These can be purchased in a 1 gallon or 3-gallon pot that can be planted in your yard. Here is a link to see how: